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Step 1 - Choose
your Shape
Featuring contemporary, clean looks designed by our in house production team, Allplanters.com provides shapes to fit every space. Choose from our most popular shapes – Cube, Trough, Column or Taper. Heights, lengths and widths can be customized to your specific application. Each shape can be made equipped with a removable insert shelf upon request.
Step 2 - Choose
your Material
Allplanters.com custom planters are available in both powdercoated aluminum and Cor-Ten Steel. Allplanters.com planters are fully seam welded and will not crack or bend durring Winter freeze and thaw cycles

Powdercoated Aluminum - is an extremely lightweight material that is proven to never rust. Aluminum is extremely durable and very easy to transport.
Cor-Ten Steel - is a specialized type of steel that develops a rich rust patina over time. Cor-Ten steel planters will never rust through and are extremely durable
Step 3 - Choose
your Color
All aluminum planters are protected by a strong, scratch resistant powdercoat in your color of choice. All of our powdercoats are specficially designed for outdoors and are equipped with UV inhibitors to avoid fading in the sun. Select from our available standard color options - our most popular colors include black, white and gunmetal grey.
Step 4 - Specify
your Size
Once you have selected your color, shape and material, all that is left is to specify your size. We can make planters as small as 10 inches in diameter all the way up to 100 inches. All measurements should me made in incheas. All of our planters are equipped with standard size lips and riser bases.
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